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Sometimes we cannot change the stressful situation – but we can change our reaction to it.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant day-to-day pressures of paying bills, work demands, relationship issues, maintaining work/life balance, raising a family, managing time? If so, you may be vulnerable to damaging stress.

We know we are stressed when we have muscular tension, headaches, feel irritable and moody, have problems sleeping or feel overwhelmed or exhausted. Stress can lead to smoking more, increased alcohol consumption and/or drug intake – all of which only feed the problem.

Stress is called the silent killer –

because we can push stressful issues to the back of our mind to deal with day-to -day matters. But stress can be responsible for ill health, heart attacks, stroke, anxiety, unwanted behaviour and habits and many more issues. By reducing stress you are increasing your overall health and well being.

Stress is called the silent killer

My Stress Management techniques are the fruit of 15 years’ of working with clients on stress-related issues. Using a combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP, I can train you to feel calm and relaxed even when faced with stressful situations. The tools and techniques you learn will stay with you for life. With help and support to put things into perspective you will learn:

  • the causes and symptoms of your stress

  • tools and techniques to manage stress

  • how to relieve stress at home, at work, in families, in relationships

  • exercises and breathing to relieve tension

  • how to feel in control and manage stressful situations when they do arise in the future

  • how to reduce anger, irritability, indecision and other negative reactions

  • how to increase your emotional calm and well being – even in the face of stress

Learn to feel free from stress, react differently in situations, make positive changes and choices to create the life you really want. Sometimes we feel we have no choices and are trapped in an endless cycle. But you can take control now – and gain calmness, clarity, confidence and motivation.


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